Gadgets für den Fahrradkurier

Gadgets to save your life as a bike messenger – Part 1

There’s another fun infographic doing the rounds today. This time presenting the likelihood of dying when partaking in certain activities. So how’s it looking for bikers? Apparently you have a 1 in 140,848 chance of dying when riding a bike. For bike messengers the likelihood is supposedly higher of course, considering the above-average time spent on a bike.

But we don’t want to be so negative on such a sunny Friday here in Munich! If you avoided doing everything that could potentially be dangerous then you wouldn’t even get out of bed in the morning. Every week there are new tools and gadgets popping up that want to help us as bikers and particularly bike messengers, to stay alive on our travels. Which gadgets are on the market and are they practical for the average bike messenger?


SmartHalo successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign this week and will be on the production line soon. And what does this blinking, LED circle that you attach to your handlebars do? Almost everything except for doing the pedalling for you by the looks of it. Firstly it is a navigation system which connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and show you the quickest and safest route to take. It’s got anti-theft covered, with a smartphone authentification process or a “tapcode”. And for all the numbers-guys, the halo tracks distance covered, average speed as well as calories burned.

Cool-Factor: Nice… this halo thing doesn’t look half bad!

Practicality for a bike messenger: A bike messenger who doesnt know his way around town is not a bike messenger 😉 The navigation system could be useful for newbies, but a professional bike messenger doesn’t need anyone (or anything) to show him the way – you won’t find the shortcuts and cut-throughs he knows in any navi 😉


The Cyclee safety tool involves a mini-projector that is fixed to the back of the saddle and projects signals onto the riders back. This is supposed to make is easier or quicker for drivers to identify a biker that is stopping, turning, pulling out etc

Cool-Factor: Hmm, well… no.

Practicality for a bike messenger: Considering the vast majority of bike messengers carry some kind of bag on their back at all times, it seems pretty unlikely that the Cyclee will be a big hit in the bike messenger community.

The good old bike helmet

…. naaah. We’ll leave the bike helmet discussion for today. What with the #DankHelm vs #BesserObenOhne campaign or the latest highlights from the Eurobike show this week in Friedrichshafen, there’s enough going around to read on that topic at the moment.

Cool-Factor: Bike helmets are officially not cool, there are however every now and again new products popping up which want to try and improve that image – for example the Hövding Airbag Helmet or even a Bavarian style Tracht Helmet

Practicality for a bike messenger: Unless you have a particularly oversized head, there’s not much reason for a helmet to not be practical.


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