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Features, Functions & Updates

We’re working continuously on the development of new features and functions to make sure every express delivery with DBike always runs smoothly and we are meeting the requirements of all our customers.

In focus right now is the topic of security with 2 new features launched this week.

Sign here, please

Sometimes the recipient of a delivery is not available to accept the package him or herself. Some deliveries are particularly sensitive or valuable, or you’d just prefer to have a legally binding confirmation that your delivery was accepted and by whom. With the new Signature feature your DBike bike messenger will now collect a signature, both at the pick-up and the drop-off address, directly in his DBike app. As soon as the signature at the drop-off address has been saved, the sender receives a confirmation in real-time, that the delivery has been completed successfully.



Large or small, light or heavy

Some deliveries involve multiple items or packages, or are particularly large and bulky and need to be transported with a cargo bike rather than your normal fixie. For orders via the DBike Web Application it is now possible to define a size and weight for your delivery as well as the total number of items to be transported. After confirming the desired pick-up and drop-off address, the sender selects what kind of delivery is being requested and adds the weight and size information for each item. All details are sent together with the delivery request to the DBike courier network so that the best biker for the specific requirements can be found. Particularly heavy or large deliveries for example will be managed by bike messengers riding with a cargo bike.


As well as lots more features and functions, we are busy working on a larger project that we are looking forward to announce soon – so, stay tuned!

Which features would you like to see in DBike? Send us an email with your feedback and suggestions!

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