Der PARK(ing) Day 2015 in München

PARK(ing) Day 2015 in Munich

Have you ever had similar thoughts whilst out and about in town?

„Wouldn‘t this bike lane be much safer if it didn’t suddenly end right here?“

„Really, another delivery van parked on the bike lane…?“

„Wouldn’t it be so much more relaxed here if it wasn’t for all the traffic?“

The use of public space is a hotly debated topic. Whether you wish a fairer allocation between cars, pedestrians and bikes (instead of a whopping 71% for cars, 16% for pedestrian and only 13% for bikes as in some areas) more green stretches or just a different way of using the space: on PARK(ing) Day everyone can demonstrate their ideas for an alternative use of public areas. As coordinator of the event in Munich, Green City will be supporting its demand for a reduction in the number of parking spaces in the city.

Choose your parking space and let your creativity run wild

It’s as easy as that: choose any parking space, name the corresponding street and house number and let your creativity run wild. Green City takes care of all the paperwork, registers your spot with the KVR and brings bollards on the day of the event so that, for one afternoon at least, your space can’t be used for its normal purpose.

Registration should be closing tomorrow so if you want to secure a parking space for your idea, get in touch with Green City asap.

You’ve got a great idea but can’t take part yourself? Send us your suggestion and maybe we can squeeze it into our parking space plan :)

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