Is DBike the next big thing out of Bavaria?

The Bayerische Rundfunk is looking for unusual start-ups, innovative ideas and completely new products for a new TV production who have the potential to be the “next big thing out of Bavaria”. The competition is called “Startup Bavaria” and we’re taking part.

The Competition

Together with over 180 other applicants we applied with our homemade smartphone video and were excited to hear over the weekend that we have been selected for the final round of 18. The fact we made it on to the shortlist can only be down to our brilliant business idea, as we are not exactly the film-crew experts, in case you haven’t seen the video already 😉

Today was decision time with a final pitch in front of the Startup Bavaria jury. Now it’s wait and see time. The selected start-ups will be accompanied from September to December by a film crew from the Bayerische Rundfunk and the public can follow their progress in regular webisodes and interviews. At the beginning of the New Year you can then watch three full reports on the competition and the start-ups, delving in to the highs, lows and successes they have faced along the way.

Start-Up Country Bavaria

Two things caught our attention though whilst taking part in this competition. Firstly: there are a lot of pretty damn exciting start-ups in Bavaria! Of course many based in Munich but also several from other areas outside the Bavarian capital. And there are really all kinds of product and service ideas here down south: from an anti-tinder app, to an idea with cold fusion and even an electric toilet brush… 😉

Secondly: where are all the female founders in Bavaria? We were the last company to pitch today and just as we were starting someone commented that with our team they had seen the first female of the day. It seems in Germany still only 10% of founders are female.

Now it’s fingers-crossed time…

The final decision will be announced in the coming days so in the meantime, it’s fingers crossed! And Mucha Mierda (like in Spain). And In bocca al lupo (like in Italy). And of course thumbs pressed, German-style 😉 Good luck to all the finalists from us! And if we are not selected for the final round, DBike will anyway be the next big thing out of Bavaria 😉


(Image from Start Bavaria