Dear Car Drivers, Why The Bad Mood?

Dear Car Drivers,

It’s Friday… aren’t you looking forward to the weekend, to spending time with your friends and family, to taking a trip to the lake, or having time for your hobbies? (Golf, reading, stamp collecting, drinking, surfing… Whatever your thing is.)

The sun is shining… and it’s not even as hot as the last few days… Aren’t you happy to be able to enjoy the nice weather without sweating buckets as soon as you move even a muscle?

You guys anyway have air conditioning in there… Doesn’t it make you smile even a little bit at the thought of us poor guys on two wheels working up a sweat pedaling around town while you can enjoy the ride in a nice comfortable 18 degrees?

All in all it’s really not that much of a bad day… right?


15 minutes through the city on my bike and I’ve been honked at three times and shouted at twice. As I was adhering to all the usual traffic rules (nope, still not compulsory to use bike paths as standard in Germany) it surely can’t be down to something like riding on the road for lack of suitable bike path, right?

If you’re all in such a bad mood, why don’t you pull over for 10 minutes and watch a couple of cat videos, they’re supposed to help against stress and bad mood – if this really not that bad Friday can’t put at least a small smile on your face.

Best regards,

A biker